As More Than 20,000 Expats Know,
Costa Rica Offers Tremendous Benefits You Cannot Find Anywhere Else.

Retirees have been heading to Costa Rica for decades to take advantage of its many benefits, including perfect weather... gorgeous beaches... 
political stability... tremendous overall affordability... 
excellent health care options... and much, much more.

Don't Let the Opportunity to Discover More Pass You By.

There are as many reasons to visit Costa Rica. Recognized as the #1 Happiest Place on Earth and constantly awarded for pioneering legal protection of natural wealth, Costa Rica is one of the top 20 countries with the most biodiversity in the world. The geographic position, its two coasts and its intense range of mountains provide varied and numerous microclimates which often explain the immense natural wealth of both important species and impressive ecosystems.

Many people come here to reduce their daily stress, live in a clean environment and benefit from farm-to-table meals

The rainforest can lift your lungs. – Tropical rainforests are the single greatest source of air that we breathe on planet Earth

Worldwide, everyone is becoming more aware of the negative impacts of “dirty air” to our health. Air pollution not only triggers allergy and asthma attacks, but can also cause serious problems for people with heart, lung and many other medical conditions. Poor air is proven especially harmful to the very young and very old.

The rainforest can help you dream! – Science has uncovered that our dreams play a central role in our emotional health, our memory, our learning and as a way to help us find solutions to our everyday problems.

Enjoy the magnitude and splendor of dreams that people have.

Removal of the outside world and all of its stressors opens a space in which the mind can relax, unwind and be creative and daydream about all of life’s possibilities.

The rainforest can make you face fears. – Our brains require challenges in order to remain stimulated. It’s a medical fact that the older we get, the more our brains need to be active. So instead of slowing down as we get older, we should be trying new things, learning new things, challenging our long held beliefs about the world and about ourselves. For children, new adventures bring about inspiration and the realization that their journey has just begun.

There's an opportunity to learn something new everyday! Whether you wish to horseback ride or kayak, milk cows or go on a night walk through the rainforest looking for frogs and snakes, the experiences are those which are remembered for a lifetime. Challenge your brain in our Spanish Immersion Program or spend 4-weeks challenging your body with manual labor in our Volunteer Work Exchange Program.

This spirit to try new things is quite synonymous with the spirit of self-improvement.

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to Costa Rica? See what International Living has to say!

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