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A Crystalline Light Foundation

A nonprofit organization, A Crystalline Light Foundation (ACLF)  is a cooperative community developing renewable resources internationally headquartered in Costa Rica. ACLF embraces the concept of world change through cooperative and volunteer efforts that lead to abundant good will, renewable earth-friendly resources and sustainable lifestyle success.

ACLF envisions a fresh model for international sustainable development. Our vision is for the ACLF community to be powered by renewable resources, fed predominately from our organic community gardens and, if necessary, supplemented by locally or regionally grown organic crops and livestock. We will be supported by our strong fabric of community awareness, education and participation. Your help — insight, time, talent, treasure and inkind resources — can move this concept to reality, in Costa Rica and then beyond.

Located in Central America, the relatively pristine, and forward-minded country of Costa Rica provides an ideal atmosphere and environment in which the Foundation’s mission can flourish.

ACLF presents the torch and invites all who seek to join in this journey to gather friends, workers, and interested contributors to help us develop the infrastructure needed to fulfill this beautiful mission.

Do you want to change the world? Perhaps you share our vision of a world that honors humanity and you see the need for a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that generates renewable resources. Perhaps you want to help build that world. A Crystalline Light Foundation was born to support and gather people to journey into this new world concept and manifest a new paradigm of being.

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