A Crystalline Light Foundation Advisory Team

Brian C. Kunzler - Brian is a registered patent attorney and the founder of Kunzler Needham Massey and Thorpe, an intellectual property boutique law firm located in Salt Lake City, Utah.   Brian specializes in patent and intellectual property law and represents several multinational corporations, and also enjoys assisting private individuals and small businesses with their intellectual property needs.

Brian has a degree in electrical engineering and a minor in computer science.  Brian has practiced law since 1994, and has extensive expertise acquiring and enforcing patents in the fields of electrical devices and electronics, computers and computer software, medical arts, hydrocarbon engines, and mechanical devices.

Brian has procured hundreds of patents for his clients, and represents numerous Fortune 500 companies, emerging software and Internet companies, as well as individuals and start-up ventures. Brian also has extensive experience in and regularly counsels clients in the areas of trademarks, copyrights, computer law, licensing, trade secrets, and intellectual property litigation and litigation avoidance.

Brian currently represents clients including IBM Corporation, Hitachi Storage, Cummins, Lenovo, local universities, software and Internet companies, as well as many other companies and individuals located in Utah and throughout the country.

Brian is conversant in Mandarin Chinese and is a member of the American Intellectual Property Law Association. Brian is active in community affairs and frequently lectures on intellectual property law topics to practitioners and business groups.

Brian has been a member of CEO Space since 2001 and has been on faculty for most of that time.  Topics Brian has lectured on topics including The Basics of Patent Law, Profiting from your Patents and Intellectual Property, Avoiding Common Intellectual Property Pitfalls Startups typically encounter, and Critical Must Have Information on Patents and IP for Startups. 

http:// www.kunzlerlaw.com


James Jusdon Dygert graduated from Olivet College, in Michigan in 1978 with a marketing and accounting background.  His first occupation out of college was with the US Treasury, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) as an Assistant National Bank Examiner. In the early 1980’s Mr. Dygert left the U.S Treasury to help a friend start up a private telecommunications company. Mr. Dygert set up the company’s chart of accounts, general ledger, balance sheet, P&L, inventory controls and bid quote sheets, as well as other accountability and performance related systems, forms and corporate and employee handbooks for general operating practices. That business is still alive and thriving today over 30 years later. He then spent months on new technologies and sold to clients like Wolverine World Wide, Playtex, major hospitals, colleges, universities, police departments and other users of either high configurations in traffic or high telecommunication expenses. During this time Mr. Dygert experienced team building under a for profit business model. Mr. Dygert decided to move to Florida to take over a small publication; this was his first opportunity to be an entrepreneur. Within a few years he grew this company into a multi-publication media company. Currently Mr. Dygert continues to run his publishing company out of Sarasota Florida where he is the Director of Staff for all of CEO Space’s 5 International Forums - as well as a Club President, a Zone Manager and a Regional Director for CEO Space International.


(941) 650-0786

Paul Hoyt, owner and principal consultant with the Hoyt Management Group, has over 40 years experience leading teams to improved profitability and productivity. He is an expert at helping new and growing businesses develop their strategic plans, create financial models, write business plans, and fund and execute their growth strategies. He has enjoyed tremendous success at helping businesses of all sizes achieve their growth and exit strategy objectives.  He is the author of two business books: The Foundation Factor® - Critical Measurements in Business Strength (2004), which helps business owners develop their own Business Foundation Profile® to measure the strength of their business, and the Capital Coaching Program (2010), which helps entrepreneurs learn the fundamentals of raising capital. He is also the author and recording artist of Remember – A Simple, Gentle, and Powerful Pathway to Your Magnificent Potential (2005), an inspirational CD, and The Practice of Awakening (2010), a collection of poems, meditations, and insights for personal and spiritual growth. 




Mr. Michael Dekker received a B.A.Sc. degree in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo (Waterloo, Ontario, Canada), in 1980. He joined the GENI organization (Global Energy Network Institute) in September of 1993 and is IT Director. He speaks locally about the GENI Initiative and writes occasionally on specific technical projects (GENI WMS Server, The GENI Model). He worked for nine years with UNISYS (Winnipeg, Manitoba), and one year with the Board of Education of the City of York (Toronto, Ontario). He is a principal of Green Star Standard, a Life Cycle Assessment consultancy. He serves as on the Board for the Sustainability Alliance of Southern California, where he advocates sustainable community policies. He participates on the Energy and Water Committee and Green Products Committee of the San Diego Regional Sustainability Partnership. He is a former member of the IEEE and the San Diego Chapter of the Institute of Management Consultants.


Randy M. Hatton - Randy was born in Washington State.  Beginning at the age of seven, he spent over twenty years as a commercial fisherman on the Bering Sea, at which time he became aware of the high level of pollution going on in our waterways.  From this experience, he became deeply passionate about helping restore the natural vitality and energy of the water being depleted. For the past ten years, he has researched and developed technologies that heal and revitalize water.  His company, Vibrant Vital Water tm , manufactures and sells vortex magnetized living water devices.  The products focus on vortex magnetized, frequency induced water systems ranging from home-use for drinking water to large systems capable of revitalizing vast quantities of water such as in lakes, rivers, and streams.  The systems can also be implemented in swimming pools, Jacuzzi’s, and fish farming operations.  His patented products range in price and function so that they are available to all people.

Randy is also committed to sustainable projects of many kinds. His interests vary widely from organic farming, sustainable living, all forms of healing arts, and sustainable healing communities. Randy loves to travel and share what he has come to know about healing water.   He is looking for a team of people who are equally passionate and would like to help him achieve his mission.

His company, Vibrant Vital Water, manufactures and sells vortex magnetized living water devices. He has made sure that these units are affordable to all people. Ten percent of the proceeds go to the Mother Earth Trust Fund.



Styven Reyes G. - Styven is a young and enthusiastic professional from Costa Rica. He holds a degree in Industrial Engineering and a specialization in Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001:2008). He  has experience in the medical industry related to the manufacturing of medical devices and has participated in some projects that involve the supervision, analysis, and improvement of  manufacturing processes. 

Styven is a fan of nature and environmental protection. He likes to serve as a tour guide and a translator for all English speaking visitors who come to Costa Rica to know and learn about the language, culture, nature and traditions of this country.

To contact Styven for professional services, please send an email request to: oswaldrg.19@gmail.com


Scott Howard - Scott is an architectural artisan who teaches natural building workshops and builds around the world. He founded Earthen Hand Natural Building in 2002 to promote cutting edge building technologies through education. He is currently seeking more team members to help take on larger projects with the intent to help people discover healthier and happier living. 

His most notable achievements include: inspiring thousands of students; a 23 ft Earthbag Sound Dome in Thailand (2004); a 17 ft Earthbag Dome Classroom in Dogon Country, Mali (2009); and a Regenerative Earthbag Home in Washington State (2011).


Sheila Murrey

Vibrant and joyful mom, wife, and grandma. Career gal. Earned several degrees while working full-time and raising children. Understands the value of hard work and family.  

Sheila loves digital and visual communications to bring full and rich information to others because when you are communicating at your best, you desire to be acknowledged, connected, and most importantly, understood. 

Sheila has a passion for raw vegan and whole natural foods. She consumes mostly a raw organic plant-based diet because it "feels so good" and gives her plenty of energy. Currently working as a business analyst for our veterans, on the side, she also LOVES to study all things "holistic health.”

Sheila is a holistic health researcher, author, and natural wellness advocate. Having conquered asthma, Sheila passionately researches and shares whole (as in holistic and holy) information with a Mind-Body-Spirit focus so we can all "feel good.”

Sheila loves our LIMITLESS, Ever-Living, Filling-All-Space Creator, or in other words, Omniscience. She is always seeking information about Energy, Frequency, and all things related to Vibration and Resonance.

Sheila enjoys singing with her guitarist songwriter husband, Richard, founder of the indie band: The Chevy Ford Band. She's also developed several videos on YouTube for the original songs. Reach out to her if you, or someone you know, needs an original song for their movie, or TV show. Sheila and her husband celebrated having their original songs included within several episodes of the PBS and Create Network cooking show, "The Farm.”

Sheila has been a co-author on two books, "Transform Your Life" Book 2, Inspirational Stories and Expert Insights", and "The Energy of Receiving", which you can find on Amazon, and as of September 2018, finished her third book, “Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life” available in PDF format on her blog sites, https://TakeItUponYourself.wordpress.com and https://BeingWhollyVibrant.wordpress.com - thank you.


Dr. Lynn Sereda - Best known as the Founder of quantumyou.com, Lynn was born in 1940. He holds a PhD in Psychology and a M.A. in Educational Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley as well as an earlier Masters in Counseling Psychology and Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta in Edmonton.

His first 2 published books, were ‘Inner Voyage: A comprehensive guide to inner biological awareness and deep relaxation' and ‘Outward Bound: or Outward to Ecstasy - The spiritual basis of the new self-expressive therapies'. In addition he put together 2 others unpublished ‘Beyond the Addictive Personality', and ‘Heart: A Vision of Unconditional Human Loving'. As well as 20 Self Healing audio tapes which have sold in spiritually oriented bookstores throughout the U.S. and Canada. The most popular of these were ‘Learn the Healing State', ‘Clear your Health Problems', ‘Supercharge Your Immune System', ‘Real Prosperity Comes from Within', ‘Release Your Breath', ‘Breathercize', ‘Insight Meditation I: The method of systematic scanning', and ‘Insight Meditation II: The method of more spontaneous witnessing'. One of these tapes focused on Our Drug Problem: A Real Answer.

"We hold these innermost inalienable human truths, the right to ‘Life’, ‘Liberty’ & the pursuit of ‘Happiness’ - to be self-evident. With all due respect to every human being ever born here – on this our home planet - spaceship earth!"



Jerry Forney currently works as a Creative Consultant and Graphic Designer in Melbourne Florida. His most recent work experience was as a Graphic Artist at Kennedy Space Center, Florida. Before his 18-year stint at KSC, Jerry was the owner and Creative Director for Future Features Cartoon Syndicate from 1992-2000. He is currently the Creative Director for Storytree Productions, a business that he started with his wife, Master Storyteller, Ada Forney as a way to showcase her outstanding creative storytelling accomplishments. Jerry writes original stories, songs and metaphysical musings. His commercial artwork ranges from Graphic Designs, Illustrations and Cartoons into the fine arts world of Oil Painting, Drawing and Sculpture. He has a life long interest in Spirituality, Creativity and the Environment and his mission has been to help make the world a better place through teaching and example. Jerry is currently offering innovative Thrive Creativity Forums as well as Creative Consulting Services to local businesses and organizations.





Mark Parker: A Generalist Engineering Technical Services Provider and Project Engineer - Mark is person experienced in the unexpected in business, product development and manufacturing.

Mark Parker is a project engineer and entrepreneur who, with his wife, has also cared for needy people. His current interest is the founding of a small mountain community with facilities for production of energy, water, food, health services and secure housing designed to withstand extremes of nature and mankind under stress.

His background includes working in teams to develop products and services in conditions of limited funding and outlandish requirements. Project types have included both military and commercial design, manufacturing, fielding, and verification of micro-electronics to large fixed-site and transportable facilities. That work included white paper design, requirement development, bid and proposal writing, team leader and team management, scheduling, cost/schedule tracking, manufacturing  process development, training of technicians, performance verification planning/testing, and on-site fielding. Tasks have included each step from Receiving in the warehouse through the plant to Shipping.

In business he has had sole proprietor, LLC, Sub Chapter S, and C- Corporations. These businesses included food service, MLM product sales, healthcare services, land purchase/sales, and sales and certification of imported ceramic roofing tile. He also was the Director of Manufacturing for a company manufacturing HHO power systems for automobiles and buses.

He has been successful in managing projects because he personally wants to succeed and he wants his team members to succeed.  Also, he does not care who gets recognition in the end. That attitude developed as a result of having both great and some very bad managers over 30 years at Emerson Electric, Harris Corporation and General DataComm and while serving in the US Navy.


George Bigger - With a broad experience in construction, agronomy, education, environmental, information technology, and process improvement, I enjoy empowering people to collaborate, converge toward consensus, and use common sense to solve common problems, globally. Developed a 4-question ASK4 methodology to harness the content of casual conversations and turn that collective insight into sustainable innovations.

Using ASK4, I created an interlocked container system (bio-mimicry) to manage land and water issues. Filled with ballast it defends against natural disasters like flooding, soil erosion, landslides, hurricanes, etc. Manufactured locally of long-life or recycle materials, it can put people to work making a sustainable product that protects property, saves lives, and re-grows the economy (Economic Recovery in a Box).

Specialties: inventor - collaboration and process improvement; IT systems; rapid flood control/civil engineering system; and closet banjo player

Mr. Bigger has over fifteen years experience in the application of technology and business process improvement. He has extensive hands-on experience and demonstrated leadership skills. He has strong written, communications, and negotiations skills.

He understands the organizational changes that are necessary to support technology initiatives and enable effective implementation. Mr. Bigger knows how to apply project management processes to secure target results within bottom-line constraints.






Donna Anselmo - Donna's BOLD Marketing Solutions, Inc. offers a virtual team of veteran marketing and business professionals with expertise in the many areas that influence marketing success: research, planning, brand design and brand management, public relations, Internet marketing strategies, social marketing, print and Web design, performance management, business development, and leadership coaching for a cross-industry mix of clients ranging from entrepreneurs to multi-billion-dollar global leaders.    

Formerly an award-winning print journalist who transitioned to corporate communications in 1994, Donna hosts the weekly AM talk radio show — BOLDTALKTM BUSINESS RADI0 — which broadcasts on Saturdays across Central Florida and streams live over the Internet. Targeting business owners and professionals through this educational platform, Donna shares relevant, timely and business-critical insights, strategies, tips and tools. She also interviews both regional and nationally renowned business leaders who share their expertise with the listening audience.


Eric Noël grew up on a conventional dairy farm in Highgate, Vermont. He returned to farming after a few years as a pit crew mechanic for the IndyCar series to transition the family farm in Vermont. Steering it from a conventional crop and dairy farm to a high performing operation, he gained recognition for his certified organic diversified, grass-fed beef and vegetable farm. Tuning into the infinite wisdom, drawing on proven techniques from around the world and stacking them together, he transformed the soil, forages and cattle in record time. The farm grew to serve hundreds of families the highest quality, most nutrient dense fresh food available. 

Eric is recognized by his colleagues as the Top Grazier in the Northeast. Eric draws from his training in Holistic Management and his eight years on the ground fine-tuning his techniques to help other farmers reach their full potential on their farms.

Eric is now the President of the Vermont Grass Farmers Association and is the Chair of the Northeast Pasture Consortium Action Committee. He has presented numerous times over the past four years around the Northeast at conference settings and on-site at farms.

To contact Eric to find out how he can help the farmers in your organization, please email or call today.




Andrew Nowacki, PE, LID.C, Civil Engineer has 13 years of design and consulting experience as a civil engineer with expertise in low-impact site development and water resources engineering. He has been involved in a wide range of projects incorporating natural systems approaches into design of residential, commercial, and industrial site plans, proposed roadways, and comprehensive stormwater management plans. His background also includes experience in NPDES environmental permitting and compliance for a wide range of industrial facilities, as well as conducting field and laboratory water quality analysis. Additionally, Mr. Nowacki has worked in the Galapagos Islands on construction of potable water irrigation systems for crop management and aided in reforestation efforts with native Galapagonians. He has a B.S. (Civil Engineering) from the University of New Hampshire (1998) and Professional Certification in Low Impact Design from Washington State University (2011).

Jeff Clearwater - VillageLab, Executive Director, Whole Systems Integration, Core Consultant. Jeff has enjoyed 36 years as a leader in intentional community design, appropriate technology, and new paradigm economics.  Jeff co-founded the Ecovillage Network of the Americas and was Ecovillage Director at Sirius Ecovillage for 6 years. Jeff has served on 7 NGO Boards, founded 6 successful solar & renewable energy design & installation businesses and has visited over 60 intentional communities teaching and providing comparative whole systems design. Jeff’s passion is the design integration of the social, economic and ecological aspects of community.


Marilyn Crenshaw - Marilyn is a pioneer blue architect specializing in water infrastructure for green architecture developments, with 35 years of experience. She designs extreme sustainable buildings that use up to 8 times less water & energy than conventional buildings.  She assembles lead teams of design consultants, other architects, & builders on collaborative cooperative design-build projects.

Additional Experience:

CEO Entrepreneur start up entities: head quarters, franchise, models, operations warehouses, real estate developments, resorts, eco-industrial park.

Green retrofits: existing REIT & trust holdings

Sacred design: site divine geometry, interiors/ prayer & worship spaces, feng shui.

New eco-communities: co-housing, modular ultra mini RV & permanent parks with eco utility  infrastructure, community centers, & common areas.

Extreme green: off-grid, natural building, earthships, & alternative natural building.

Site adaptation & eco utility infrastructure for: prefab, kit, modular, salvage, manufactured buildings, & hybrid structural system

New eco-communities: co-housing, modular ultra mini RV & permanent parks with eco utility  infrastructure, community centers, & common areas

Extreme green: off-grid, natural building, earthships, & alternative natural building

DIY (Do It Yourself) building & coaching

Green design consulting: prefab companies & production builders

Site adaptation & eco utility infrastructure for: prefab, kit, modular, salvage, manufactured buildings, & hybrid structural sys





Tom and Bev Tisdell - A unique collaboration began in 1962 when Beverley Hovendick, a native Nebraskan, and Tom Tisdell, from Rhode Island, first met in Central America as Peace Corps Volunteers.

With a PhD from Rutgers University in Field Crops and an MA in Agronomy from University of Rhode Island,  Tom was sent to New Mexico State University where he joined a small group for intense training in Spanish language, culture and native vegetable crops.  He was assigned to the Escuela Agricola San Andreas in El Salvador and later reassigned by Sargeant Shriver to La Escuela PanAmericana at Zamorano in Honduras. There he taught Horticulture to students from all over Latin America.

As an RN, Bev resumed her previous art studies and received a BA in Art from Notre Dame of Maryland then continued graduate studies in Art Education at Hunter College, now CUNY.   Peace Corps training at the University of St. Louis included tropical medicine, Community Development, Spanish language and culture.   As a Public Health Nurse, she worked in a clinic in Danli, Honduras. After hours were spent teaching English to local teens and with an adult literacy program called Radio Fonica.  She remained in Honduras for a short while teaching pottery at a Community Center in La Esperanza, Intibuca.

As a RPCV Tom worked at Velsicol in Woodstock, IL testing clinical trials of chemicals to be used as Herbicides. Following that at the University of California, Davis, he was a field researcher in the Department of Botany working with USDA Extension Service with Farm Advisers.

At Davis Center for the Arts, Bev served on the Board as Director of Education, introducing innovative courses and restructuring the visual arts, music and dance classes. This increased enrollment and revenue making the program self-supporting and financially stable.

In Oregon they operated an emergency shelter for teens and participated in one of the largest food cooperatives in the U.S. Since then, they have started food cooperatives wherever they have lived about 5 or 6 in all including two Farmers' Markets.  At present they are coordinators of the Yalaha Food coop in the greater Leesburg area.

Tom has further experience working with several golf courses in turf management and irrigation.  Growing up on a family farm he helped with the raising of turkeys, chickens and other poultry.  He was a beekeeper, vermiculturist and was invoved with converting it to a Christmas Tree farm.

Bev taught Art in high schools in New York, New Jersey and finally at Dr. Phillips in Orlando and also adult continuing education and Foreign Student Exchange programs. On the side, Bev is a Feng Shui practitioner, for residences, schools and non-profits.  She also teaches Tai Chi Chih to seniors and is passionate about Early American antiques, Hai Ku, Chinese and Japanese art.

Jan M Gaynor - Jan has a (MS) Masters in Information Security and (MBA) in International Business.

An Entrepreneur, Author, Lecturer, CEOSpace International member since July 2009, highly experienced in Operations Management, Inventory Control, Project Management. After 20 years working in a NYC Transit Bus Maintenance facility Jan became a Trained University Instructor and Educator; Jan taught technology in both technical schools and college environments. He is a certified Qigong instructor with Supreme Science Qigong Foundation, as well as a Laughter Yoga Instructor certified by Dr. Madan Katiria, the founder.

With the willingness and belief there is something new to learn every day; Jan has become very knowledgeable in many areas of home building and repair as well as organic gardening, various forms of mechanics and practical forms of alternate energy. Supporting cooperative self-sustaining living and communities

In his words: It took me many years to realize that stuff is nice; however people are most important.”Yesterday was a lesson, today is our experience and tomorrow is not only unknown; but may never come!”  “The world needs to work together and I am willing to do my share”


Ella Chabot is the CEO of Shot By Ella Photoart, LLC and the creator of the Get Shot By Ella designs product line.

Ella holds a master’s degree in Educational Communications and Public Relations and a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism with a specialty in Photography. She is a CEO Space graduate and has been a featured speaker at the CEO Space Melbourne Florida meetings, sharing her expertise on press releases and forming a mastermind group. Additionally, Ella is a co-creator of the “Fusion of Fashion and Fun” fashion shows that benefit the non-profit Growing Healthy Kids, founded by Nancy Heinrich to combat the childhood obesity and diabetes epidemic.

Ella is an award winning photographer, with a portfolio that includes media, portrait, commercial, modeling, and architectural photography, as well as a fine artist, painting in acrylics and oils in an impressionist style. Ella often donates her work to charitable fundraisers. She is a also a writer with varied published work experience, including press releases,  journalism, blog writing, college alumni news, text book chapters, and poetry.

Ella's Design concepts are inspired by nature, meditative images, spiritual and historical studies, and contemplative ideas.  An ongoing objective is experimentation utilizing recycled/re-purposed materials in product creations. 

Explore the company website and see Ella's newest online shop at café press!




David L. Phillips, P.E., co-founder of Sustainable Engineering & Design,LLC (SED), is experienced in the design, permitting, and construction aspects of all varieties of projects. He has over two decades of extensive experience in public and private site development in the Treasure & Space Coasts. David left the firm of Culpepper & Terpening, Inc. (C&T) in June 2008, as the company’s Division Manager of Land Development & Institutional Projects, to follow his passion: Sustainable Development. David’s sought after design expertise has led him to participate in projects as far off as Madrid, Spain and the Netherlands Antilles. He specializes in sustainable land development, utility projects, storm water management and design, construction management, and project scheduling. David has had the privilege and proven success record of assisting many of his public and private sector clients in finding creative solutions to solve many of their  accelerated project needs, site constraint conditions, value engineer the project upfront to keep construction costs to a minimum, and keep projects on schedule. He has developed a positive relationship with many of the Local, State, and Federal jurisdictional agencies, which has helped streamline the review process for various projects.


Clarence Greenidge is the President, Chief Business Catalyst & Financial Strategist at Business Development Catalysts, Inc., a consulting firm that provides growth focused strategies for financial management, organizational effectiveness, marketing, and access to financing to emerging businesses; and bilingual training.

Clarence has extensive economic and business development, and SBA loan programs and creative financing experience.

He has successfully managed business incubators in Baltimore and Florida, and provided counseling, strategic planning, and access to financing to their clients.

Clarence has an in-depth working knowledge of engineering, building construction, systems maintenance, and facilities and federal contract management, and related regulations, acquired during his more than 25 year tenure with the Department of Defense.

He has strong problem solving and negotiation skills, and a track record of developing effective interpersonal and working relationships with diversified, multi-discipline, multi ethnic, and multicultural groups; and excellent communication skills in English and Spanish.

He has also lived, studied and worked in Panama, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, which provided him an intimate knowledge of latin american business practices and culture.

He owned a prior business consulting firm in Panama which provided business development, financial management, organizational development, and comprehensive strategical management consulting and training in Spanish and English to start up and emerging businesses, government, non-government organiztions (NGO) and nonprofit organizations in Latin America. Additionally, he created successful HVAC Sevice, and Retail businesses in Latin America.

Mr. Greenidge holds an MBA in Finance and Public Policy.

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