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A Crystalline Light Foundation currently owns prime land ready for development in Costa Rica. Our ultimate goal is the development of a self-sustaining community prototype that can be duplicated, or even exceeded in Costa Rica and in other parts of the world.

A Crystalline Light Foundation was established in September 2006. ACLF and its lands are presently based in Costa Rica, near Lake Arenal, the largest lake in the country and approximately 124 miles NW of San Jose. Lake Arenal is a beautiful, 34 sq. mile lake and is nestled in the rolling hills of the Tilaran Mountains. Lush and green year around with daytime temperatures ranging from the low 70’s to the low 90’s  it is easy to enjoy water sports, hiking, biking and bird watching. 

Our Properties

ACLF currently holds two parcels of Land in Costa Rica around Lake Arenal about ten minutes apart. Both front on the same main road that runs along the lake. 

The property where the first Community Learning Center will be based is in Aguacate, a unique piece of land consisting of 18 acres, a nature preserve with nature trails, lake views and lake access. The learning center and other planned buildings will be built with a commitment to conservation, preservation and sustainability.

The second property is in Nuevo Arenal, and consists of about six acres. This is where the first Community Healing Center will be based.

Lake Arenal’s unique combination of warm fresh water, steady winds and spectacular scenery has made it a top, world class location among windsurfers and sailboarders. Its other claim to fame is its rainbow bass sport fishing. With nearby botanical and butterfly gardens, hot springs and more by it is truly a nature lover’s paradise.  Furthermore, the unique micro climate zones that create the rich  biodiversity of native flora and fauna makes Costa Rica the Noah’s Ark of the new millennium.

Why We Chose Costa Rica Costa Rica is unique in the Central American region and stands out as a peaceful, stable and forward-minded government.  Costa Rica’s main foreign policy objective is to foster human rights and sustainable development as a way to secure stability and growth.  Considered, the “Switzerland of Central America” it has no standing army. Costa Rica invested instead in the health and education of its people who now enjoy a 96% literacy rate and one of the highest life expectancy levels in the Western hemisphere. 

Costa Rica has a mindset toward conservation, preservation and sustainability; approximately 90% of the countries power is produced by hydro-electric, wind, and geo-thermal means. Over 25% of Costa Rica is held in protected forests and reserves. It is also home to a rich variety of plants and animals making it one of the most bio-diverse locations in the world.  Combined with the very friendly, peaceful population, Costa Rica’s attributes have made the country a top, world class destination for retirees and tourists alike.

ACLF has begun and intends to work in cooperation with the spirit of the people of Costa Rica, honoring their cultural traditions, while adhering to established checks and balances instituted within the governmental ministries. Within this framework, it is our intention to promote the foundation and growth of a financially viable community and individual enterprises.

The goal of A Crystalline Light Foundation for Costa Rica is to eventually acquire 49 parcels of property, whether purchased outright by ACLF or utilized in cooperation with other like-minded organizations already established in Costa Rica. The vision is for ACLF to operate seven clusters of seven centers within the country. Some of the centers will be full-fledged communities, while others will be relatively small operating centers.

Intention for Global Planned Centers

The intent of ACLF is that this Costa Rican Model of centers and communities will be replicated globally. Logistics and the guidance and expertise of ACLF’s founder and advisory team will determine future sites. The basic model in Costa Rica will be duplicated with minor modifications and alterations necessitated by variance of climate zones, topography and cultural traditions of selected areas.

Sites operating as Global Planned Centers will share a central, Internet-based, communications connection and pre-determined mapped routes and modes of transportation will create ease of travel between all centers. The centers will share common structural governance procedures and work in seamless cooperation.
These planned centers will expand on and create new horizons, spiritual, social and technological as outlined on our vision page.

 A Crystalline LIght

A Crystalline Light guides our view and plan to support endeavors of earth- friendly technology for lifestyle options that maintain the fundamentals of clean food, water and air. 

Experienced Community Planners from around the globe are invited to participate in creating viable options for property design, population projections, and infrastructures for the global centers.

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