Vision | To Live and Work Harmoniously in Keeping with the Earth's Needs

The vision of ACLF is to establish and operate a system through which people may live and work harmoniously in keeping with the needs of the earth and each other. Foundation Principles are based on the highest and greatest good for all. Our communities will be the beneficiaries of a way of life that rejuvenates the environment while maximizing resources. This will enable people to function at optimal levels of health and intelligence. 

The essence of our goal is to set the standard for a new way of living on the earth. 

To that end, A Crystalline Light Foundation will be creating, utilizing, showcasing and teaching, through various projects, including, but not limited to the following:

  • The research, design and development of self-sustainable green buildings
  • Holistic healing and retreat facilities
  • Learning Centers for all ages and Training Centers for future developments
  • Organic farming, including medicinal plant cultivation
  • Honor and support for indigenous/local peoples and their communities
  • Motivational and inspirational Broadcasting Channel
  • Orphanage and School
  • Research and Development
  • Innovative Self-Governance

To accomplish our vision, we need help and support for ensuring that all projects will be environmentally sound and economically responsible. Partners, supporters and volunteers will build, supply, and support not only ACLF’s centers but also outreach to  local areas and communities in their environs. Our objective is to bring sustainable and earth-friendly jobs, training, affordable housing, food, and education to all those seeking participation in the ACLF’s mission, thus creating societies based on abundance through cooperation.

Spiritual and Metaphysical Tenets
At its core, ACLF embraces all aspects of the Divine. Places of worship, healing, and meditation will be an integral part of the community, open to all, at any level of participation. ACLF’s spiritual goal is based on the knowledge that an understanding of our spiritual essence and connectedness with all life awakens and quickens our individual and collective sense of well-being: thus raising the consciousness of all humanity on its ever-evolving path.   



Our vision stems from the conscious intention to improve and maintain positive self and community awareness creating overall long-term individual and environmental health.

Of significant importance to not only the spirit of the communities, but also their sustenance, will be the undertaking of projects to research and gather information and knowledge contained in the world’s indigenous populations. Some of this knowledge may be all but lost, so time is of the essence in beginning this research. Further, the incorporation of this information with the wisdom and expertise of the best intellects and visionaries of the present time will be an ongoing undertaking.

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