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A Crystalline Light Foundation is a gathering point of people and projects to help create a new world. ACLF supports numerous and diverse projects including sustainable agriculture, renewable energy production, green structures and consciousness raising social programs. This will be accomplished by creating innovative Learning Centers, Healing and Wellness Centers, Research and Development Centers, Spiritual Growth Centers, Retreat Centers and more.

The Centers will be based in sustainable communities where residents will live, work and play together while pursuing their higher purposes and passions. The communities will be a home for teachers, visionaries, practitioners, residents and students who will be exploring the endless possibilities for this new world. The Centers will also become a destination for visitors looking for knowledge and experience that will enable them to teach and inspire others in their cities and communities around the world.

This is the vision of founder J. Karen Frank. Find out more about this remarkable woman here.

Our Advisory Team

David Phillips

Donna Anselmo

Eric Noel

Jeff Clearwater

George Bigger

Jerry Forney

Ella Chabot

Michael Dekker

Paul Hoyt

Sheila Murrey

Jim Dygert

Lynn Sereda

Brian Kunzler

Randy Hatton

Marilyn Crenshaw

Andrew Nowacki

Clarence Greenidge

Scott Howard

Mark Parker

Bev Tisdell

Styven Reyes


Advisory Team Bios

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